Choosing the right virtual data room is vital to streamlined M&A due diligence, securing sensitive business documents and enhancing collaboration. With so many options ranging from price to function and ease of use it is easy to make mistakes that could cost you time and money.

For instance, choosing an VDR provider that is more expensive on gifts and drinks than their actual product could result in a subpar service, which could result in an expensive mistake. The top VDR service providers concentrate on their products and provide high-quality support instead of offering complimentary drinks or other advantages. This will allow your team to work efficiently while saving time and money.


During M&A transactions, multiple parties need to review huge quantities of documents over a short period of time. To guard against unauthorized access to confidential information, choose a VDR with security features like multi-factor authentication, session timeouts and auto-expiration. Also, it has document-level permissions, fence view and watermarking. The top M&A data rooms can provide advanced analytics and report features to reduce the burden of due diligence.

Life sciences

Biotech and pharmaceutical companies are faced with an increasing amount of sensitive information, including clinical findings. A secure virtual data room with access to user permissions that are granular and remote data management allows companies to be compliant with HIPAA and GDPR regulations, while reducing M&A costs through an efficient, quick workflow. These virtual data rooms facilitate investor communication with informative investor portals and integration of electronic signatures.

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